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Open Range Fellowship


No judges. We're not about fencin' you in. You're welcome with arms wide open. We just want to share the love of Jesus with anyone who hungers and thirsts after Him. We're not branded with a specific denomination. We're just a fellowship of folks who love and follow Jesus.


All are welcome and will feel comfortable at Open Range; cowboys to CEOs, bikers to bankers, truckers to IT experts, from the very young to the very old, all races and colors - if you love Jesus, you're family. If you don't know Jesus, we'll show you the Way.

Services start at 7PM, with some of the best singin' to be heard anywhere around. Then comes a Holy Spirit inspired message which will touch your life and stir your heart.


In spite of your circumstances, your shortcomings, your history or your habits, God has a life of peace and purpose planned for you. You are very important in the eyes of Jesus. We want to help you know Him better and discover the life of hope and joy that He has planned for you. Come and explore with us what it means to be loved by God and serve one another.

Important Notice:

In compliance with the Governors orders Open Range Fellowship will suspend Wed morning prayer until further notice. Please join us as we continue to pray for our country and leadership in these unusual times. Also, please continue in prayer Wed mornings at 9am from where ever you are as we pray corporately. For those of you who want to mail your Tithes and Offerings do so at our mailing address below. We will keep posted with our weekly "shutouts", as well as our members individual Facebook accounts.


Our offices will remain open at the usual times and we are available for any questions or ministry that you might have a need for. Please remember that 2 Timothy 1:7 says, "God has not given us a spirit of fear." Trust in the Lord and believe! I want to encourage you all to use these hard times to strengthen yourself in God.

Thanks again for your prayers and support.

Dennis Aaron, Pastor


BATON ROUGE has given us the approval to have a "Drive Up" Services each Thursday night at 7pm. Everyone needs to remain in your cars; Pastor Dennis and the band will hold ORF service on the front porch and if you cannot attend, then please join us on 92.1 FM. Please help spread the word about our "Drive up" Services.

Thursday Nights at 7PM

9950 Highway 80

Greenwood, LA 71033

Tel:   318.938.9141

Fax:  318.938.9142

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